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Personal Training

When you find it difficult to get your workouts in, or working out hard enough to elicit fat loss. Or when you need someone to hold you accountable… personal training is your best option. Serious inquiries only! Not for the average deal hopper.


There are two important aspects of nutrition that must be addressed correctly; healthiness which is about vitamins and minerals. Calorifics which is about calories and is what needs to be dialed in to promote fat loss without sacrificing metabolism and energy levels. Your goal is to find the right balance of the two.

Genetic Testing

Through Inherent Health genetics laboratories, Trainer Jo now offers a revolutionary DNA based weight loss program (yes… based off your genome type) thus taking the guesswork out of determining macros and workout intensity.

1 complimentary consultation
7 day gym membership
3x 55 minute personal training sessions

Training Modalities

The many training styles Jo is adept in
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Bodyweight Training

For people who insist on efficiency or who are more into cardiovascular fitness, sports performance, and improved health. Most workouts require little to no equipment. Most workouts are INTENSE!
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Weights & Machines

Traditional weights and machines. You see them in every fitness magazine. America trusts them. Great for building strength, isolating targeted muscles and improving “show muscles”!
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Mat Pilates

Truth: Pilates was created in Germany during WWII to rehabilitate injured soldiers because they were confined to their hospital beds and is often the base of physical therapy.
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Barre Fitness

Brutal but graceful. Did you know that professional ballet dancers are strong than most athletes per pond of muscles? Lots of bodyweight and isometrics… and shaking muscles!

Would you like some free HIIT workouts?
Ok, you asked for it! Get ready to sweat and hate my guts!

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