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Women’s Fitness

As a female personal trainer, Josie understands the unique needs & challenges of the professional woman and/or stay@home mom who wants balance in life; to feel and look her best while balancing the demands of family and/or career.

Fitness for Seniors

As the years go by, life gets in the way. And it’s normal for people to start to lose strength and the ability to do daily activities. Seniors can benefit from personal training aimed at restoring their strength, agility, flexibility and health.

DNA based nutrition

Through her preferred genetics testing laboratory, Josie now offers a revolutionary DNA based weight loss program (yes… based off your genome type) thus taking the guesswork out of determining macros and workout intensity.

Become A Trainer

If you have been considering a new career in fitness, the best way to learn is from other experienced trainers. Become an apprentice personal trainer (aPT) and gain the experience you need to become a successful personal trainer.

For the results you just don't get on your own.

It takes 2 or more people to create a team. Teams are a proven way to increase success. Much like students increase their education by learning from a teacher, versus just reading a text book.

How do Personal Trainers do increase results?

#1... they get your butt into the gym!
Then they:
Optimize your workout time
Ensure proper biomechanical form for safety
Create more efficient programs to avoid wasted time
Provide Accountability
Humanize the experience so that it's not just exercis
Motivate you by helping you find motivation within
Provide that magical "Extra Push"

Trainers do more than just count your reps and annoy you to get to the gym. The top athletes in the world still use trainers. Even other trainers use trainers! A trainer will help you push beyond your comfort zone while staying within your limits. You most likely won’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone on your own.

A trainer is not just a trainer. She is your friend and partner as you embark on a new journey to a better you and hotter body!

So much more can be accomplished as a team!
Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Trainer Jo at your service.
Together, we can do this!

Now that you understand the benefits of a personal trainer in Las Vegas, let's see if Trainer Jo is a good fit for you.

Need more proof?

Here are a few samples of what can be achieved with Trainer Jo's training and guidance


90 Day DNAfitt Program. Joy gained 6-lbs on the scale but lost a whole dress size and got abs!


Due to her job as a chef, Meka’s was prescribed 4 meals a day and HIIT training 4 times a week, and this is the results she got in 4 months!


Sammi wanted a new body. I prescribed to here a sane 5 days of moderate HIIT training plus low intensity cardio and a diet of lean protein and fibrous carbs. This is just her 6 month results.


This was a simple 2 week photoshoot prep program. Jeff learned to eat appropriately for the shoot following the secrets of bodybuilders prepping for show.


Sadie was already a healthy eater but she needed to lose 10-lbs. I simply tightened up her diet w/ appropriate macros & timing. She lost 10-lbs & a dress size in 4 weeks! No workouts needed.


Marcus made a last minute decision to enter a men’s physique competition. I had 4 weeks to get him ready drug free! So I put him on my shred program!


Di was only in Vegas for 4 weeks. These are the results we achieved in that short time. She lost 2in off hips & 3 off waist but stayed the same weight! That’s muscle replacing fat weight!


Beer gut & tavern life be gone. Stefan came in looking for a lifestyle change. With a sane dietary tweak & 4 workouts a week, he changed his health and adopted new habits for life!


This spot is reserved for you and your progress pics! Do you want it or not?

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