August 11, 2016

Josie, her fellow trainers & the gym

Josie Dalton (aka Trainer Jo)

  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2003, serving Las Vegas since 2006
  • BS Exercise & Sports Science
  • ACT Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFPA certified Senior Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Metabolic Fitness Trainer
  • Success Mindset Coach & Metamorph
  • International magazine cover model; Ironman, Natural Muscle, Iron Pinoy, World Physique & many more.
  • featured trainer and competitor
  • Official Livestrong Fitness Presenter & eHow Fitness Contributor
  • Former talk show host of the Trainer Jo Show and Josephine D show on the AllTalkRadio Network.
  • Musclemania Bodybuilding Judge
  • Pioneer Bikini Fitness Competitor
  • Anti-aging skincare consultant
  • Certified Calorific Nutritionist & Meal Planning Coach

      Years as a certified trainer: 14 years
    Training Emphasis: Improved Quality of Life Training versus 6-pack focused trainingI am most adept in training people over 40 & seniors and addressing the unique needs & limitations of the average citizen versus an aesthetics approach most desired by the younger populations. In other words, I want to help my clients pop up out of bed without creaking, walk without canes, prevent or diminish back pain due to their jobs and helping them learn lifelong fitness principles for a better quality of life.

What makes Josie different as a personal trainer:

  • 43 year old female
  • 14 years of professional experience
  • US Navy Persian Gulf War era veteran
  • Intuitive versus rigidly structured programming
  • Have been overweight (30% bodyfat and over) twice so I know the struggles of being middle aged, overweight and out of shape… and how to get back into top shape.  I guess you’re going to have to meet me in person….after all, it’s not about what makes me stands out as a trainer, it’s about how I make you feel while you’re working with me. Do I inspire you? Do I motivate you? Do I connect with you? Do you feel I understand you? And do you feel I truly care about you… that is what matters most!

    “I’ve seen hundreds of trainers, Josie is among the very best. Rare combination of experience, knowledge, walks the walk, and sincere interest in helping people. Highly recommend her, five stars.”~ Jea Jung Legendary bodybuilder & fitness entrepreneur, Owner of world famous City Athletic Club in Las Vegas and inventor of the JBells.



Anytime Fitness on E. Windmill on Bermuda in Silverado Ranch
500 E. Windmill Ln #150  Las Vegas, NV 89123     GOOGLE MAP     WEBSITE

Yak’s Fitness on S. Durango @ Warm Springs next to Rhodes Ranch
7375 S Durango Dr #101, Las Vegas, NV 89113  GOOGLE MAP   GYM WEBSITE

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Name: Sanovia Nichole
Credentials: Physique Nutritionist
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