December 11, 2016

8 Steps to Your Success

8 Steps on the path of achieving your resolution to lose weight and get in shape

By Josephine Dalton (aka Ms. Trainer Jo) January 2, 2017

I am sharing you this article in hopes you understand that just going off and jumping onto a machine or hiring a Las Vegas personal trainer, is not the answer to your weight loss problems.  You have much more pre-work before you even step in the gym. I hope this helps you get started.

One of the biggest mistakes personal training clients-to-be make is not being for-real with their intentions… their true reason why they are doing this… Their “Why”!  It’s one thing to say “I just want to lose some weight and get in shape”. That is like saying “I just want to be happy”. It’s too vague! Your goal must be definite, emotion invoking and measurable.

As silly as it may sound, by addressing the true reason why you want to do lose weight/get in shape is as crucial as the actual workouts and nutrition!

The right approach is to be real with why you want to lose weight. Whether it is to lose all the winter fat because you feel ugly or you want to look sexier for your spouse…. then so be it… that is your Why and you need to embrace that! As your personal trainer, I’d never judge you for it. Let’s be real… I don’t even workout just for my health. I want a great ass too… yeah, I said it!

So before you even attempt to hire a trainer, ask yourself what your real “Why” is! Take your time… this is important! In Napolean Hill’s masterpiece Positive  Mental Attitude, the first lesson of success is defining a definite purpose. In this case, to lose weight in order to _____ (your why).


Come to terms with the fact that if you want to lose weight then this needs to be a priority… not something you want to try to “squeeze” in.  There needs to be some sort of sacrifice; whether it be TV time or your social life. These things you will need to set aside or de-prioritized until you reach your goals. Not forever, just for now.

Step 3

Come to terms with the fact that you must be mindful of the commitment and the goal of losing weight. This isn’t something you get to go about your day and  not think about until your session with your trainer.

If you intend to work with me, or any other personal trainer, you will need to honor your end of the partnership by NOT undoing the work you and your trainer put in at the gym. What I mean is that you will have homework which includes doing certain things and not-doing certain things.

Step 4

Inform those you are close to of your goal to better your health, fitness & weight and that you expect their support. Yes “expect” don’t ask, expect them to be supportive by not being naysaying you or trying to derail you, like by telling you “but, but…. but you’re fine the way you are” or question your motives. The biggest maker or breaker of your ability to reach your goal is your closest associations, especially your significant other. These people need to respect your wishes, or step aside until you reach your goal!

Step 5

Determine your obstacles and activities in your life that might derail you, get in the way, or compromise your time or attention from you goals. Things to consider are video games, mindless social media, watching TV, happy hour with the girls or beer with the boys, a pantry full of fatteners, Sunday Night Football food, etc.  While you are losing weight, you will need to set aside many things in order to be successful. Not forever… just for now.

Step 6

Start a dream or focus journal. Fill it full of pictures of dresses you eventually want to wear, pictures of “realistic” bodies you would like to look like and affirmations to help keep your positive minded as well as a log of everything you do, do not do and consume.  This will essentially be your fitness bible until the habits set in permanently.

Step 7

Speak life into your goals.  Take a look in the mirror, tell (yes, say it out loud) yourself “I love you, self” and tell yourself that you want to lose X many pounds or get into a Size X by (determine a reasonable date). Also tell yourself that you promise not to quit until you reach that goal. And do this throughout the day, every day!

By “saying” this out loud and allowing yourself to connect with the emotions associated with your desires, you have thus connected your soul with the universe with your words and have ignited the Law of Attraction into your journey. Don’t write this off as silly…. the most successful people on earth always talk to themselves.  And it’s those crazy people that make things happen!

Step 8

Stop seeking out external motivation or a way to enjoy it all, and just COMMIT…. when you commit, there is no need to seek out motivation (actually what most people mean is enthusiasm…. thinking enthusiasm is necessary to do something).  Do you have to seek out motivation to take care of your kids? Or to get out of bed to go to work? No, you do so out of obligation. Now get real with the fact that it is commitment and obligation to yourself & your health that is going to drive you towards your fitness and weight loss goals… not Motivation (or enthusiasm). There really isn’t nothing fun about exercising and losing weight; actually, it can be miserable. But those results are worth it. And anything worth it will require work and discomfort! If it were easy and fun, everybody would be doing it!

You ready to go now?

Now come call me or email me and let’s get started! Las Vegas personal trainer will help you succeed if you are willing to put in the work.