July 27, 2016


Jo’s wonderful customers are the reason she’s in business. Here are some testimonials as well as before & after shots of Jo’s past & present clientele.

Di is a traveling on nurse on a short contract here in Vegas so she only had 4 weeks to work with Jo before she had to hit the road again. Jo put together a nice training & nutrition program for Di who puts in 12 hour shifts. She could not afford the brain fog that often comes with hard fitness dieting, so Jo put together a sane workout & nutrition program that would help Di break past those stubborn last 10-lbs.  She was able to shave off 2 inches off her hip, 3 inches off her waist and defined a noticeably new curves in her waist as well as built up her arms a little bit!
Start:  34-34-39 Weight: 120.0 lbs
4 wk:  34-32-37  Weight: 120.5 lbs


Stefan T (aka DocTanx) (full time teacher and small business owner)
Following Trainer Jo’s more sane approach to long term weight loss maintenance for busy professionals, entrepreneurs and others who understand the meaning of slow, progressive progress versus versus sudden transformations. Instead of a detailed, rigid workout and diet plan, DocTanx got to eat sensibly. His 3 workouts a week with Jo were often brutal, but they were only 45 minutes at most. Independent cardio workouts varied depending on whether he was losing fat or at a plateau, and included all uphill walking and light jogging on the treadmill.

Starting stats (2/2016):  231-lbs with a 46in waist
Final 6 month stats (8/2016): 207-lbs with a 36 in waist (gained 5-lbs of muscle in the final month!!)


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                   “I’ve seen hundreds of trainers, Jo is among the very best. Rare combination of experience, knowledge, walks the walk, and sincere interest in helping people. Highly recommend her, five stars.”
~ Jea Jung, Legendary Fitness Entrepreneur , Owner of City Athletic Club & Creator of the revolutionary JBells.




“Trainer Jo is encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. She provides different levels for each exercise and ensures that you do them safely as well. I highly recommend her for all of your fitness and diet training.”
–  Krystal P | 12/2016

“One of the best, experienced, educated, motivating fitness and female trainers in the business. It is an honor to be a friend, client and fitness professional of Trainer Jo”
~ Personal Trainer Marcus Niemo & Creator/Owner of the Exercise Wall

“What can you not say about trainer Jo. She’s professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her boot camps are amazing and fun that will challenge you.  No matter what your goal is she’ll be able to get you there and succeed.”
– Kristine N | Bodybuilder | 12.06.2016

“If you want to get in the best shape of your Life then Trainer Jo is for you! I have done both boot camps and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with her and I will let you know that I loved every second of it!”
– Jamie  S. | Fitness Role Model | 06.09.2011

“Found Jo on the internet.  She does a good job of helping to rehabilitate and working around my shoulder injuies with her training.  Very motivational!”
– Trevor G. | Financial Advisor | 06.10.2011

“Trainer Jo is the best ive tried everything and never felt the way I feel when I leave her class she is the jullian micheals of las vegas and she lets you know you can do it you have to believe you can do it.”
– Regyna B. |  04.26.2012

“Taking Trainer Jo’s H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) Bootcamp at City Athletic Club has done wonders with my body. She’s a positive fitness instructor and makes people push their limit because she knows we can do it. It can be a challenging class sometimes, but in the end the results are worth it.”
– Dinah-Rose O | UNLV Student | 04.26.2012

“She is one of the best trainers.  I met her for the first time in 2007.  She knows what she’s talking about.”
– Michael B. | Entrepreneur | 11.12.2012

“What can I say about Jo except for she is the best trainer in Vegas!  And not only is she a wonderful trainer, but a great person.  I started training with Jo almost a year ago after being unable to lose weight on my own.  Like most people, I signed up for gym memberships and never went and between life and work, couldn’t find the time or energy to motivate myself.  Over the course of six months, I managed to lose 20lbs and because of the type of training Jo provided, I’ve kept it off since.   Jo is very professional, all scheduling and payment information is clear.  I’ve had trainers before cancel last minute or not show up at all, which is very irritating.  Jo is always on time and I never doubt that Jo will show up for a training session, which is great!  Jo’s professionalism and training philosophy is really what makes her stand out.  Everyone is different, and Jo takes that into consideration.  There’s no pressure to do crazy exercises or lift massive weights, but Jo will push you to give your all.  I fully and 100% recommend Jo, she’ll change your life!”
– Stephanie S. | 02.26.2013

“Trainer Jo has amazing knowledge and experience. I recently attended one of her competition seminars and learned so much! She is extremely helpful, knows what she is doing, and can help you succeed in building a great body and winning. Whether or not you want to compete, Jo can help you.”
– Melissa S. | 06.11.2011

“SHE IS AWWWWEESSSOOMMMEEE!!!! If you’re serious about getting in shape Jo is the lady for you, she encourages and motivates you while also guiding and teaching you good habits. Her classes are very exciting and still self paced. . .give her a try and you be addicted for life!!!!!”
– Ariana G. | US Air Force | 06.28.2013

“Trainer Jo is GREAT…she has helped me surpass my personal fitness goal. I had an odd request when hiring Trainer Jo, as I was requesting to only be trained to reach a certain amount of PUSH-UPS. I have been working toward this goal for a while now and every trainer I have worked with told me the same thing “keep doing them and they will come” blah blah blah, that obviously was not working so I went online to research trainers in the area.  I found Trainer Jo, read some reviews, and noticed she was military trained! So I called her and asked if she would be able to train me in such a specific area of fitness. Trainer Jo was so motivating, and explained the areas of training needed in order to be successful at push-ups. She did not tell me what everyone else had.  So I dove in head first and said I will do the work, if you provide the guidance. And to my Surprise—- She got me there. With hard work, determination, and a GREAT coach to teach me the correct steps in what it takes to do multiple pushups— I can now do 18 consecutive (correct) push-ups!!!!!  I can say…TRAINER JO will help you succeed at reaching your goal, as odd as it may be!!”
– Sonya S. | Las Vegas Metro Police  | 04.07.2013

“I have had personal trainers for several years and consider myself an expert in choosing the best ones!! I never wanted to join a Gym but after I took trainer Jo’s boot camp at City Athletic Club I changed my mind and became a member! It is an intense interval cardio circuit training.that one I guarantee you will see the result fast if you really make a commitment to her!! I highly recommend her boot camp to anyone who wants to get in shape!!”
– Miriam M. | Clinical Psychiatrist | 04.26.2013

“Trainer jo is the very first personal trainer i have had. she is awesome. she cares and she know her business. i appreciate her taking the time to explain each and every aspect to me about my work-out and diet. i have hired her for body building and a proper diet plan and she is on point with both.  i think more about getting to the gym than i have ever in my life and i have worked out in the past with many differenet people but no one motivates me to pursue my goal of body building like jo does. boss lady you are the best.”
– Cee Jay | UPS | 08.03.2012

“Since I moved to Las Vegas 2 1/2 years ago I have been looking for a trainer like Jo. Finally I found her! She knows how to keep you motivated, provide constant fitness wisdom and push you until it hurts!”
– Jen F. | 07.13.2012

“Fantastic! Learning as we go, every session I learn something new about my body, strength and of course fitness. ”
– Brenda A  |  Successful Beachbody Coach | 09.03.2012

“It’s only been 1 week and I can already see improvement in my arms, legs, waist and posture. Thanks, Trainer Jo! You are working miracles here!”
– Julie O  |  09.03.2012