July 27, 2016

Pricing & Services

Just Personal Training

VIP Training $75 – $100 per session
Standard Personal Training $50-75 for 55 minute sessions
or $35-45 for 30 minute sessions

DNAfitt Genetics Based Fat Loss Programs starting at $200

All Inclusive 90 Day DNAfitt + Personal Training program $3000

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Josie Dalton (aka Trainer Jo)  is a Master Fitness Trainer with 14 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied & transformed customers since 2003. She is a Persian Gulf War Era Veteran and a true aficionada of the balanced fitness lifestyle. 

Specialties include:
Traditional weight training, Metabolic Training, HIIT/HICT, Mat Pilates, Ballet Barre, Senior Fitness, Military Basic Training Prep and basic sports conditioning.

If you are serious and ready to get started, please fill out starter questionnaire and Trainer Jo will get back to you to schedule an assessment asap. Otherwise, you may contact Jo with any questions using the form below this button.

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