December 11, 2016

Personal Training & Fitness for Seniors & Older Adults

 Personal Training for Seniors

Ms. Trainer Jo has earned a specialty certification in Senior Fitness through the AFPA.

Strength Training for Seniors (link)

Muscle strength declines significantly after age 50, at approximately 15% per decade. Weight training should be done with light weights, using a level that is comfortable for the client to lift at the start of training, and increasing repetitions as the muscles get stronger.

ACSM recommends:

    • Frequency: 2 days/week.
    • Intensity: Moderate intensity (i.e., 60%-70% one repetition maximum [1-RM]). Light intensity (i.e., 40%-50% 1-RM) for older adults beginning a resistance training program. When 1-RM is not measured, intensity can be prescribed between moderate (5-6) and vigorous (7-8) intensity on a scale of 0-10.
    • Type: Progressive weight-training program or weight-bearing calisthenics (8-10 exercises involving the major muscle groups; 1 set of 10-15 repetitions each), stair climbing, and other strengthening activities that use the major muscle groups.

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