August 11, 2016

Personal Training

 Personal Trainers; they take the guesswork out of getting in shape.  So why hire one?

  • For the accountability
  • For the efficiency
  • For the guidance
  • For the reduced risk of injury
  • To avoid under/over training
  • For the having someone in your corner…  motivating you to never ever quit!
  • FOR THE RESULTS you most likely won’t get on your own


Personal 1-on-1 Training starting at $45 per workout
Online HIIT workouts starting at $5 each.
In-home personal training rates & info, click here


Personal training used to be something only the rich and famous could afford. It is still a luxury in today’s society and in some career fields that require an image, it’s a staple. Especially in our image driven city of Las Vegas, where in every gym you see a plethora of models, exotic dancers, VIP waitresses & bartenders and model servers.

Las Vegas personal trainer will design you a workout tailored to your needs, lifestyle, limitations, etc. then make sure you show up for the workout AND train safely and intense enough to elicit the full effects of the workout! They say that for the average non-gymrat

Many beautiful bodies of the Las Vegas Nightlife are the results of superb personal training, just as many Hollywood actors!  “Anyone can ‘work out’ or exercise… but in most cases only a personal trainer can pull the very best out of you and make you ‘train’!”


First off, why do you truly want the results you want? If you don’t know why, or you think “oh, I just want to get healthy” then you need to rethink this. Successful fitness clients have a clear goal and honest reason why they are seeking out a personal trainer to help them reach their goal. Getting in shape is a lengthy, emotional and difficult journey. Personal trainers coach you through that journey. But if you cannot be honest with yourself on why you are actually doing this, you won’t be able to find that internal motivation that will keep you going. Your personal trainer should not be your sole source of motivation, because after a while he/she won’t be enough. That is why you must dig deep and embrace your true why!

If you are looking for a trainer to make your workout “fun” or enjoyable… you need to wake up from your fantasy! If that is what you seek, just search Youtube Richard Simmons workouts.  There is NOTHING fun and enjoyable about being the typical training client with a fat loss goal. But then again, it’s the trainer’s job to pull greatness out of you and leave the mediocre-you in the dust! The only enjoyable part of training is the sense of accomplishment when you finish and that rush of endorphins you will feel after the workout is complete. Similar to a runner’s high!  It’s addictive to many!


When it comes to finding the right trainer for you: Expertise shop, not price shop! The typical deal hopper or price shopper will not benefit from cheap personal training simply because she/he won’t take the service seriously and will probably make up easy excuses to skip out on the workout.  And chances are, a personal training giving you a deal won’t be taking you all that seriously either. So, just don’t! The typical personal trainer in Las Vegas will charge $45-120 depending on their expertise, experience, the demand for them and how well they get clients results.

It’s best that you find a trainer with a track record, plenty of testimonials, a solid before/after portfolio and education.  A built & ripped personal trainer fresh out of college is nowhere near as effective as a trainer with a typical certification with 10+ years of experience. Do not judge a trainer’s expertise based off how big and lean their muscles are. There is zero correlation between muscles and expertise.  Nor does having a IFBB pro card status make them an expert; that just means they won a bodybuilding show (which is based off opinion versus anything measureable anyways).

When you sit down with a trainer, pay attention to if he/she pays attention to you and what you want or need.  Certifications and degrees vary from trainer to trainer, but I highly recommend you seek out trainers with at least 5 years of experience (no matter the certification) and avoid part-time, pocket money trainers with awesome bodies (they are typically banking off their genetics and not their expertise). Top bodybuilding competitors can be a good choice if you need that visual motivation, but many only know how to train you how they train themselves. And just because a personal trainer doesn’t look like a cover model or like Mr. Olympia, doesn’t mean he or she is clueless!