Why a personal shopper?

When you make that final decision to get in shape and lose some weight, do you find it difficult to go grocery shopping for yourself?

What am I supposed to buy?
How much do I get?

Is this or that good for my diet?
How much carbs are in this?

Is this enough protein?
Will I get tempted to buy junk food?

Let your personal trainer double as your personal shopper and let her do your grocery shopping for you and take all the guesswork out!  There's an idea... your personal trainer doing all the work for you, for once!

How does it work?

Your personal trainer will work with you on a nutritional lifestyle program (permanent diet) that is tailored to you and your unique goals.   She will then head on over to the grocery store of your choice to buy your groceries for you, while keeping you updated on food availability and possible replacements.  You pay when she arrives with your groceries. That's it!

Rates start at around $25/hr

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